CHV 110

10FT Non-Insulated Technical Container

Exterior L/W/H: 2,991 x 2,438 x 2,591 mm
Interior L/W/H: 2,812 x 2,330 x 2,390 mm
Double Steel Door W/H: 2,320 x 2,310 mm
includes locking bar and anti-theft box
Tare: 1,000 kg, Max Gross: 8,000 kg
Volume: 15 m³

• 10FT shipping, storage container 3m
• Robust, welded steel construction with welded ISO corners,  forklift pockets and corrugated roof plate with roof girders.
• Manufactured according to ISO standards and CSC regulations.
• Flooring: Corrugated steel sheet 3+1 mm or 18 mm laminated wood

• Customization according to requirements and technical specifications: Door openings, extensions and fittings such as doors, flanges, insulation…
• Paint: Your choice of exterior and interior RAL color at no additional charge (except traffic and signal colors).

We reserve the right to make technical changes!


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